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Gaming PC: GTX 1660 6G, i5 9400F, 8-16G RAM, 120-720G SSD

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Price: $587.00
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  Model P5 POWER CPU Intel i5 9400F (2.9-4.1Ghz / 6 Cores 6 Threads ) Motherboard Asus B365M - KYLIN…
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Model P5 POWER
CPU Intel i5 9400F (2.9-4.1Ghz / 6 Cores 6 Threads )
Motherboard Asus B365M – KYLIN
Discrete Graphics Card GeForce GTX 1660 6G
Ram ADATA DDR4 2666Mhz 8G / 16G
Memory 120G / 480G / 720G SSD


Fan Cooler Master T20
Power Supply 500W
Case IPASON FastShadow (black)
Operating System Windows 10 Home English


8G Ram 120G SSD US$587

8G Ram 720G SSD US$625

16G Ram 120G SSD US$632

16G Ram 720G SSD US$670





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