What is Wheel of Commerce?

Wheel of Commerce is a free social network for e-commerce, a place on the internet where you can connect with customers and vendors, advertise and sell your products/services without ever having to pay a single cent for it -no percentage is deducted from your sales, there’re no paid features, no fees at all.

You can check out the videos below, showing Wheel of Commerce’s features, or read more about them in About us.





They are:
-Everything is absolutely free: you don’t pay to use our service and we don’t charge any fees over your sales or anything at all.
-Bureaucracy reduced to a minimum: payment method, shipping and so on, all of it is the sole responsibility of the users. Basically, you just have to abide by the laws of your country and international ones.
-Choose to sell your products/services as regular items or as auctions.
-Compare charts and wishlists.
-Complete administrative area for your store. You can have as many stores as you want.
-Access to full statistical analysis of your store.
-Social profile, where your products get posted too.
-Built-in email system.
-Forums and groups.
-Group and private live chat system, allowing for better communication between customers and vendors.



1-Why isn’t this project on a crowdfunding site, like Kickstarter or Indiegogo?
These sites have a minimum waiting period of 3 months for the deposited money to reach the bank account. With the system we have in place, the cash reaches our Paypal account immediately, so it can be used for development right away. If you ask for a refund, the money is sent back to the same Paypal account used to make the deposit.

2-What guarantee do I have that the money I deposit will be used for the project and not for something else?
This is precisely one of the main reasons why the money is handled through Paypal. Just like anybody else who opens a Paypal account, we obviously had to register our personal information there, in a way that any inappropriate activity is, by law, punishable.

3-What guarantee do I have that you’ll refund my money if I ask for it back?
This falls under the same case as question 2, so the short answer here is: Paypal.

4-Does the financial data that I input to make the deposit (credit card, Paypal email, etc.) goes through Wheel of Commerce’s servers?
No, when you insert your financial information to make the deposit all the data is going through Paypal’s servers, not ours.

All that being said, if you still have any doubts regarding the legitimacy of our business (which is perfectly understandable, after all, it’s your money that’s being invested), again, feel free to contact us or contact Paypal and ask them to confirm the legitimacy of our site (since the deposits are processed through Paypal).






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