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What is Wheel of Commerce?


Have you ever thought of advertising and selling products or services on the internet, connecting directly with buyers and vendors from every corner of the world, social network style, and… Without paying anything for it, not even a fee charged over your sales?!
That’s our goal and dream, but we need your help to bring it to life!

Wheel of Commerce is a free social network for e-commerce, a place in the internet where you can connect with customers and vendors, advertise and sell your product or service without ever having to pay a single cent for it –as mentioned, not even a percentage is deducted from your sales.



We believe that a real free and borderless market is possible. How could it be?

We have created an innovative platform for global trade serving buyers and vendors worldwide: www.wheelofcommerce.com. Through this website vendors and buyers are allowed to create a 100% free e-commerce market and enjoy all the tools and convenience that a social network can provide, such as highly interactive profiles, private and group live chat, forums, a complete system of statistical analysis for your store, among many other features. Buyers can browse vendors’ products or services and negotiate directly with them, benefiting from our free social network for e-commerce.

If you want to know more about our features and innovative concept, you can check out our video:





They are:
Everything is absolutely free: you don’t pay to use our service and we don’t charge any fees over your sales or anything at all.
Bureaucracy reduced to a minimum: payment method, shipping and so on, all of it is the sole responsibility of the users. Basically, you just have to abide by the laws of your country, the buyer’s country and international ones. You can read our Conditions of Use for more information.
Choose to sell your products/services as regular items or as auctions.
Compare charts and wishlists.
Complete administrative area for your store. You can have as many stores as you want.
Access to full statistical analysis of your store.
Social profile, where your products get posted too.
Built-in email system.
Forums and groups.
Group and private live chat system, allowing for better communication between customers and vendors.



We’re currently under development phase, and need your help to finish the project and launch the website. A link to our crowdfunding campaign, at Indiegogo, will be posted here soon. You can add your email address below, so we can update you on the status of the project and send an email when the campaign starts, or, if you want to make a specific proposal, feel free to contact us.

The first 10 contributors to deposit $100 (dollars) or more get to choose one of their products to be featured at our home page for an entire week. The same goes for the 10 first people who bring in the contributors who provide the highest overall funding (learn how this works here). The money acquired through crowdfunding will be used to pay for website hosting and development.

Joining Wheel of Commerce is believing that a truly free and borderless market is possible.

If you have any questions, again, feel free to contact us.


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Here you can check out some images from the site:

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