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The Walking Dead – Michonne’s Katana – 9260 STEEL

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Price: $399.00
-Condition: Brand new & can be fully disassembled and assembled; -overall length: 103cm/40.6inch -Blade length/material: 71cm/28.0 inch / 9260 spring…
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-Condition: Brand new & can be fully disassembled and assembled;

-overall length: 103cm/40.6inch

-Blade length/material: 71cm/28.0 inch / 9260 spring steel

-handle length/material: 26cm /10.2inch. hard wooden with Genuine Ray Skin wrapped . silk Ito & ornamented with Menuki (ornament);

-Tang: Full tang;

-tsuba (fittings):  Made of  iron.

-habaki/seppa: made of brass;

-Saya (Scabbard): made of hard wooden. black/white lacquered be sheeny.


-Package Includes: 1 * Assembled katana Sword with Katana Bag


-Due to our swords are full hand made, so Specs will vary slightly from sword to sword. please understand.

-The blade was made of 9260 spring steel, and it has been laminated in a Maru style (single steel). The blade has long Hi (blood groove) on each side, the sharpened blade with excellent toughness & hardness edge. The tip of the blade is a Chu Kissaki shape (medium length). otherwise, the blade done a adsorb titanium work; just prevent rest on blade.

This blade comes with a full length Tang which greatly enhances the strength of the sword. this sword is strong enough to cut through a thick bamboo tree with a single strike yet sharp enough to slice paper. important, otherwise the blade with excellent toughness, so you don;t worry when cutting blade occur flexure.

This KATANA is for those who want a real sword. The sword is made in the exact same method of the ancient Japanese process of making swords and is sharper than a razor. The accessories of the sword are all authentic from the ray skin handle, and iron fittings. This is the best sword you will find in the price range and nice work.




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