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Medieval European Sword “Drako” – AISI 9260 Steel

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Price: $605.00
Description: The sword is fully functional, suitable for cuts and impacts, the blade is sharp (European style) and made with…
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Description: The sword is fully functional, suitable for cuts and impacts, the blade is sharp (European style) and made with high carbon steel AISI 9260.
Overall length: 103 cm
Cable: 25 cm
Blade: 71 cm
Steel: AISI 9260

Shipping and Receiving: Our swords are custom made especially for the customer who buys it, giving the buyer the opportunity to customize his sword according to the options of the advertisement. Forging time takes around 15 days. The sword is sent directly to the client. The package is subject to government import tax (it is not freight). The value of the fee is not included in the price of the sword. Some countries charge additional fees, it is up to the buyer to verify the existence and value of it in its own country. The store does not participate and is not responsible for the fees charged by the government. The time of arrival of the product after the posting is of approximately 20 days, but it can arrive before. We would like to point out that the routing time is not a deadline, because occasionally delays may occur in the post office or in the production of certain customizations. The store provides tracking code so that the arrival of the sword can be accompanied by the buyer. We are committed to providing full support throughout the purchase process, and will respond to all emails with a maximum of 1 business day. If you need to contact us, we are at your disposal!





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