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About us

Social network for e-commerce, for free.

No cuts from your sales. No paid plans. All payment methods accepted. Transactions negotiated entirely between vendors and customers. Welcome to the first free social network for e-commerce, made for small businesses. In our platform everybody has access to all of our features, and since vendors don’t need to add on the price to compensate for what the website deducts (as we charge nothing), buyers end up paying as little as possible. We offer a variety of features: stores and social profiles, auctions, statistical analysis for your store, built-in email system, groups, forums, live chat… Everything you need to make your business grow and find the best possible deals on the internet, at absolutely no cost from us.

Social network for e-commerce, for free.

Why Wheel of Commerce?

Reaching out to your target market has never been so easy. Don’t pay to sell your products or services online, use our social network tailored towards small businesses to contact potential customers and cut off unnecessary spending through our free and easy to use system.

Take a look at our unique characteristics below to see what makes it so advantageous for you to use our platform, whether you’re selling something on the internet or searching for the best possible deals online.

Why should you use Wheel of Commerce?

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Absolutely Free

Absolutely Free

Nothing is charged, not even a percentage is deducted from you sales. There’re no “premium plans” or anything like that either: everybody gets access to everything. That fact alone allows us to offer you the best deals you can find, since the vendor doesn’t need to add that extra price to cover for what the e-commerce platform deducts from the sale.
Make Your Business Grow

Everything You Need to Make Your Business Grow

Detailed statistical analyses that provide you with valuable information on your market niche, a social network that allows you to reach customers in the most efficient way possible, live chat tools, groups, forums, auctions, an internal email system, whatever it is that you need to sell/buy more and better, we’ve got you covered. Here, your business can unleash its true potential.
Minimal Bureaucracy

No Bureaucracy

As we don’t have rules restricting the interactions among users to the platform (you can even make payments outside of it), we operate in a way that keeps bureaucracy to a minimum, this way you can focus on what matters: trading, making money for you and making your business grow.
All Payment Methods

All Payment Methods

Since we take absolutely no percentage over your sales, the payment method is chosen entirely by the users. You can even pay outside the site, it doesn’t make any difference to us. Which leads us to our next advantage…
We Accept Cryptocurrencies

We Accept Cryptocurrencies

As we support a healthy dose of decentralization, we accept all cryptocurrencies and offer a built-in payment option for Bitcoin, though you can also make payments outside the platform using other cryptocurrencies.

Know Where Your Potential Customers Are

A simple world map that comes within our statistical tools allows you to easily identify where your potential customers are by tracking the location of people who access your store/profile. We also offer a multitude of other statistical tools for your store: unique views, bounce rate, where your traffic comes from (social networks, organic search, etc.), among others.
Safety First

Safety First

Our platform is as safe as one can get, for a very simple reason: no financial data flows through our servers. Whenever you make a payment here, you get redirected to the website of the third party you chose to make the payment through. As stated before, you can also make/offer payments outside the platform, whatever works for you. We also count with multiple layers of security and a team of security engineers 24/7, just in case.
We Follow the Law

We Follow the Law

This might seem unnecessary to say, but just to discourage anybody who would be interested in using our platform for shady business practices, do yourself a favor: don’t, you’ll be uncovered and prosecuted to the full extension of the Law. If you’re in doubt of what is legal and what isn’t, please read our Conditions of Use. As a rule of thumb: if the product/service you’re selling is legal by international laws, by the laws of the vendor’s country and by those of the customer’s country, then you’re good to go.
Complete and Easy to Use Platform

Complete and Easy to Use Platform

From all the tools you can expect from a social network to the ones you want in an e-commerce platform, we offer you everything you need in a straightforward way, so you can focus on what matters: making your business grow and/or getting the best possible deals online.

 So, what are you waiting for?

Open a store now and start generating profits at absolutely no cost from us!

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